June Hellen Omboga

June Hellen Omboga

A taste of poverty

I never had the idea and life of being poor,
Until I found myself being born poor,
For the rest of my life no tour,
But for all my rich friends tour was so sure,
Everyday life became harder.

Katana was the name of my rich friend,
Who never eat anything un-fried,
Each and everything she consumed was
For me I always lived a life I much tried
Everyday life became harder.

I decided to defer my studies at school,
Because to me life was then never cool,
Just to do a hotel job in a night shift,
Working 12 consecutive hours with no gift,
Everyday life became harder.

I passionately did my work without being
Because back in the mind I knew my parents were jobless,
I did too much work past midnight, my
soul fearless,
The more days went by, the more I became
Everyday life became harder

Day and night I walked tirelessly,
Because I never had the thought of dying
Maybe one day the sun will rise for me
And much hope will reflect in my eye suddenly,
Before the sun goes down I know I’ll rise
up abruptly,
Maybe life would be fair this time

June Hellen Ombuga is apoet, literature andtheatre student atKisii Universityin Kenya.