Cao Shui - A Voice from China

Cao Shui - A Voice from China

Cao Shui

Cao Shui, also Shawn Cao (born in Jun 5,
1982), is a Chinese poet, novelist, scre-
enwriter and translator. He is a represen-
tative figure of Chinese Contemporary
Literature. He leads “the Greatpoeticism”
movement. In his “Manifesto of Great-
poem”, he aims to integrate sacred and
secular cultures, oriental and occidental
cultures, ancient and modern cultures in
Chinese literature.
His novels Secret of Heaven trilogy tells the
whole developing history of human civiliza-
tion. His most notable works includes Epic
of Eurasia, the already mentioned trilogy
and King Peacock (TV series).

His works have been translated into
English, Italian, Spanish, French, German,
Danish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Croa-
tian, Slovenian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese,
Korean, Hindi, Nepali, Vietnamese, Tibetan,
Mongolian, etc. He has been invited to par-
ticipate in the 30th Medellin International
Poetry Festival, the 26th Havana International
Poetry Festival, the 14th Kritya International
Poetry Festival in India and the 4th
Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival.
He is a member of China Writers Association,
China Film Association and China Poetry Society. He is also chief editor of Great Poetry, deputy editor in chief of World
Poetry, secretary general of Boao International Poetry Festival and vice president of the Silk Road International Poetry Festival.
Currently he lives in Beijing, and works as a
professional writer and screenwriter.

Two poems

translation: Fiori Picco

Prince Snow Leopard

A long tail coiled overhead,
yellow and white patterns
reflect the snow mountain.
Sharp claws sparkling with stars,
roars in the wind pass through like a gale.
I think back to years ago,
when I found myself before its blue eyes:
like lights they illuminated space and time.
You, king of beasts, look at your kingdom:
wild yaks are loyal and brave generals,
the Tibetan antelope is a foresighted mi-
the Tibetan wild donkey is a holy Hermit,
white-lipped deer are monks
who see through the red dust.
Wolves can organize armies,
owls are night killers,
black-necked crane is a faithful lover.
Brown bear is a master of camouflage,
falcons control the sky,
snow-fowls are God’s poultry.
I crossed the First Canyon of the Yangtze
our four eyes looked at each other.
Years later, I always remember the thrill of
that meeting.
Why can’t I control my tears?
Because I am a prisoner of time and space
and you will be the king of freedom fore-

Snow Country

The heavy snow has blocked
the mountain pass.
We ride horses between Heaven and Earth.
Laughter on horsebacks float in the wind.
Your lips are as red as wild roses,
My hair is black like smoke.
We meet on both sides of the river,
We are looking across two worlds.
We look inside and outside the castle,
We are looking across two worlds.
We are suddenly dizzy,
experiencing love and hate in a flash,
savouring joy and sorrow in a flash.
We extend our hands at the same time,
snow and ice have beating hearts.
That’s how we go together
and spend a day in the Snowy Country.
From sunrise to sunset.
It will be over when we wake up,
and this day will be a lifetime.

Selected from Flowers of Empire, Fiori D’Asia