You Are Not!

If there is no purity and innocence within you;

You are not a child!

Unless your adolescence was frivolous and crazy;

You are not young!

If you are not carrying forward your mother’s prayers and your father’s legacy;

You are not a son!

If you loved but did not united with your beloved;

You are not in love!

If you were married but not happy;

You are not married!

If your son has not followed your shadow,

If your daughter has not trust you;

You are not a father!

You have longed for a lifetime with wishes;

You were not born!

If they ask, how was your life?

Say: I have never lived!

I’ve never experienced that!


I’m afraid of ironhorse I ride a gray horse

No hat on my head,

But I tie my hair with a handkerchief,

I do not know what a mirror is,

A feather is my ornament

If I love a woman, I gift her four horses.

Mountains are my home, rivers are my friends

I hunt in the forest, smoke tobacco

I believe in prophecy and worship great spirits

The earth’s mine, the sky’s mine,

what more do I desire?

The White Man’s dream does not overtake

Valleys where my mare’s hooves tread . . .

Mehmet Kurtoğlu, an award winning poet and journalist from Turkey, has published numerous works covering poetry, essay, biography, novel and play.