Shourav Sikder

Shourav Sikder

Two poems

In this prepaid world

Translated by Mashrur Imtiaz

Spread out the sensation of touch on your
smooth lips
That I knew long ago,
Love is a poison that consumes us all -
There is no way to know before crossing
the river of life
As I lived in this twenty-first century of
prepaid world;
And your tired eyes told me that night
The body is more like the storm of Kalbaisakhi that
Shuffled - our wi-fi doomed mind.

Once love is found

Love - how do I discern it?
There are houses but no addresses.
There is no body of him, but he burns,
Even though he has no eyes, he sees.
Love has no meaning, yet it is in the dictionary.
Someone calls again and again when loved
ones move away
Yet, Love cannot be seen, cannot be
Once you get the love,
Humans become beings.
Endless moonlight falls on earth.

Shourav Sikder (Sikder Monoare Murshed) is a poet, professor of linguistics and director at the ScandinavianStudy Centre, Dhaka University. He is scheduled to make a visit to Uppsala in March 2023 to take part in thecelebration of the 100 years of Stig Dagerman jubilee.